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Ethereal Peace

"What peace pours over the soul once it soars above natural feelings!" 
-St. Thérèse of Lisieux

mixed media on canvas (oil, texture paste, & pearls)
30 x 24 in
2017 / 18

Many times, we attempt to be better than our anxieties and negative emotions and not let them dwell in our hearts and minds, but it is difficult to set ourselves free of these earthy feelings and thoughts, for they are an innate part of being human. However, once we begin setting our minds on God and entrusting Him with all our burdens, we will feel as though a weight has been lifted, and a level of freedom, peace, and calmness now pours into our minds and souls. We will begin to "soar" above the natural and start to ponder eternal matters.

This painting attempts to visualize what it may look like to transcend the natural feelings of this world and so be filled with a heavenly type of peace and tranquility. This girl is surrounded in a peaceful, ethereal state where it appears as if her soul is flying. The calm, pastel colors emphasize the sense of serenity and the dripping paint illustrates how peace begins to "pour" over her. Further, the pearls around her add to the heavenly surrounding, as they hold biblical significance in symbolizing the Kingdom of Heaven and Word of God. Additionally, only her face is distinctly illustrated while her mind is dissolved into the atmosphere around her, for her mind is not weighed down by worldly concerns. An outline of a dove rests beneath her, as it is the Holy Spirit Who bestows this peace over her and dwells within.

Aveen Toma

Fine Art

Sacred Art

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