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Pure Freedom

"The truth will set you free." 

-John 8:32

mixed media on canvas (oil, texture paste, & decor stones)
30 x 24 in

Attractive lies continually surround us, attempting to influence our consciences and penetrate our hearts and minds to turn us away from what is actually True. In not knowing Truth Himselfit is challenging to discern what is right and what is wrong in this world- what is of God and what is not. Therefore, we must wholeheartedly seek the "True Gold," for not everything that shines in this world is truly gold.

This painting attempts to display how freeing it is once one comes to realize the Truth, which is like gold, because It is just as pure and rich. This boy has come to live and know the Truth, as depicted by his leaning over to the gold side. In becoming absorbed and enveloped in the richness of what Truth has to offer, he is now set free, which is illustrated in the form of dispersing rocks that transform into birds. Some of these birds also become gold, for he is gradually tasting what it is like to live in and understand the Truth. These golden birds also showcase his growth towards sanctity- the ultimate fruit of this way of life- to one day resemble this "True Gold."

Aveen Toma

Fine Art

Sacred Art

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