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Divided We Fall

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." 
-St. Teresa of Calcutta

mixed media on canvas (oil, staples, nails, & artificial leaf)
24 x 24 in

All of humanity is truly one, with every human person created by our one God in His image and likeness. However, whenever we forget this truth and allow feelings or thoughts devoid of selfless love to stir within us, this reality becomes clouded and we begin to experience everything other than peace- from individual relationships to our world at large. If we truly acknowledged and valued our belonging to one another, no one would dare hurt another, for in doing so, one would only be hurting oneself. Yet this is simply not the case in a fallen world, and so we must continually struggle in striving to live in perfect harmony with every brother and sister.

This painting attempts to showcase what takes place when humanity turns against itself and forgets the innate origin and connection between every human person. The globe (symbolizing humanity) is illustrated with a dove carrying an olive leaf (representing the Holy Spirit). The outline of the dove is formed with staples and nails; each single chain is constructed using individual staples that are hand-connected together, which symbolizes how each of us is "linked" together. This connection of seemingly insignificant, flimsy staples- once joined together- exhibit such strength and durability that allows and invites Peace to take shape. However, once division emerges between individuals, families, and nations, the chains break and fall apart. Yet the white form of the dove remains, which showcases that God has never, and will never, leave us, and that we still have the chance to reconstruct this peace if only we again acknowledge our one origin in Him.

Aveen Toma

Fine Art

Sacred Art

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