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So Be It

"What will be the crown of those who, humble within and humiliated without, have imitated the humility of our Savior in all its fullness!" 
-St. Bernadette

watercolor, colored pencil, & ink on paper
29.5 x 23.5 in (framed)
$625 (framed)

In wholeheartedly imitating the life of Christ, we can easily stand out and receive unjust derision and abasement. Yet in knowing we are standing for the Truth, we will develop the strength and will to confidently remain steadfast for Him. For, however much we may be humiliated and chaffed on the outside, remaining humble and deferential inside will surely deem us the victorious ones in the end.

This drawing attempts to depict all the pain and emotions one may feel upon experiencing mockery and humiliation for standing for the Faith. This boy has been through a great deal- his expression is stern and unwavering, but gentle and peaceful at the same time. Whilst enduring ridicule for his faith and the holy life he is striving for, this boy obediently accepts it all with a serene, meek heart and lets it be because he knows he is imitating Christ, and will be rewarded in the end. A collage of words, some of which include: humility, patience, perseverance, and suffering make up his simple attire and symbolize the attributes and experiences that comprise his character. In saying, "So be it," this boy endures the humiliation until the end and is eventually presented his crown- which is none other than his adorned golden halo of sanctity.

Aveen Toma

Fine Art

Sacred Art

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