Amor est Pulchritudo

"Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul."

-St. Augustine

watercolor & colored pencil on paper (framed)
29.5 x 23.5 in

Whatever dwells in our hearts naturally reflects in our personas- it can all be perceived simply through our appearances. If we hold and nurture genuine love in our hearts- and since God Himself is love and the epitome of beauty- then true beauty will naturally radiate from that. This form of beauty is not fleeting or merely pleasing to the senses, but is lasting and pure because it is grounded in Beauty Himself, and is therefore captivating because one cannot ignore God's beauty.

This drawing, whose title in Latin simply means, "Love is beauty," attempts to showcase the result of possessing love in one's soul. An almost unnoticeable golden cross in the center of the neck represents the love that is "within" this girl. The cross is minimalistic and obscure to allow the girl's beauty to stand out first, as this is usually how it is in life- we tend to notice others' beauty before understanding what makes them as such. Further, the flowers, leaf earrings, and leaves for eyelashes emphasize the idea of love and beauty "growing" within her. As this girl nurtures this genuine love, she also begins to resemble God's nature. This is subtly captured in each area where the leaves and petals overlap her face- those areas are specifically painted gold, which illustrates how she has begun to reflect the purity and richness of God, just as gold is pure and valuable.